Reforming the Criminal Justice System

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My life’s work has been fighting for a more equitable criminal justice system. Everyday, I witness how our state laws are unfairly implemented amongst the people in our community.
As a criminal defense and civil rights attorney, I have represented families in Texas who have been victims to a system that fails to deliver its promise of “Equal Justice Under the Law.” I’ve worked within a system where institutional and implicit biases led to the incarceration of people of color and low-income people. I’ve stood alongside the 17-year old young man who was facing life for a non-violent crime. I’ve held the hands of the mother whose son was murdered by the police. These are our battles in the courtroom, and it’s no longer enough to fight one injustice at a time. Having this unique perspective, I can bring real insight to the legislature, so that we can understand, and create effective change. We must work smarter towards a system that reduces violence, recidivism, and ends mass incarceration.

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